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Custom Christian Jewelry – Custom Christian Necklaces, Bracelets and Keychains

I get ideas for the jewelry I make from many different places. I may read a certain Bible verse, see something I like in a movie, or hear a member of my family mention something… all which can lead to a design, shape or verse I put into the jewelry.  However, my favorite ideas come from my website and Etsy store visitors.

N144cCustom Christian jewelry ideas are one of my favorite things to make. When a visitor contacts me with an idea, the idea will always have a personal touch and meaning behind it.  These personal touches are what makes the best Christian jewelry in my mind.

N143c_2You’ll see Cross jewelry, Christian bracelets, necklaces and Christian keychains worn and used by many people. But when there’s a date, initials or specific verse placed into the design, it always has a deeper personal meaning to it. A meaning which gives the wearer a positive feeling of uniqueness.

I Believe - John 3:16 Christian Cross Cuff BraceletSome of the most recent custom Christian jewelry pieces I’ve made are for specific sporting events, baptisms, initials with Bible verses, Crosses in specific shapes and name/verse combinations.  These customs pieces range from my most popular Christian dog tags to custom Christian bracelets and custom Christian necklaces.  I’ve also recently started making custom Christian key-chains, which is a personal favorite of mine, since I like to have unique and personal pendants/keychains attached to my keys.

Do you have an idea for a custom piece?  Let me know, I’d love to hear it.

A few ideas that you could personalize for yourself or a friend:

  • Custom Christian dog tags
  • Cuff bracelets personalize with Bible verses
  • Bible chapter and verse numbers placed on bracelets or necklaces
  • Custom shaped Crosses
  • Custom handstamped bracelets, necklace, dog tags or keychains
  • Names or initials place into a custom design
  • Special dates hand stamped into a design
  • Special events or hobbies hand stamped into a design
  • Designs commemorating loved ones
  • Baptisms, confirmations, First Communions and more!
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