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What makes hand stamped jewelry unique and one of a kind?

The jewelry that I create which has letters or wording on it is stamped by hand, individually, one letter at a time. Nothing is done with a machine. It takes planning and time to create personalized stamped jewelry. With this in mind, please understand that words will not always be perfectly straight and centered. This is what makes each piece of jewelry unique and one of a kind. Even when I try to duplicate an item I’ve made in the past it will not be exactly the same. This is what I love about making handmade jewelry. You can be assured that any item you buy from me is truly unique in its own way.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

I ship all domestic orders by U.S.P.S Priority Mail. You can find more information on our shipping page.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package

Orders are processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours (unless being custom made), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Once your order has been processed, domestic orders shipped by USPS Priority Mail will usually arrive within 2-5 business days. International shipping time varies depending on your location.

I will notify you via email when I receive your order and also when your order has been shipped.

You can track your order here.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Any Questions?

Got a question, comment or suggestion? Contact me (Stephen), I’d love to hear from you.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, International customers will have the choice between United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) Priority Mail International and U.S.P.S Express Mail International. Visit our shipping page for more information.

How Can I Return A Product?

Our return policy can be found here.

What material and type of metal is your jewelry made from?

I make jewelry from many different types of metal. When you are on a product page, click the “Additional Information” link which is under the “Description” (left of the description paragraph). All of the details, sizing, metal(s), etc will be shown in this area.

Is your sterling silver jewelry marked/stamped .925 ?

No. I personally think that a .925 stamp detracts from the appearance of jewelry.  I buy my raw sheets of sterling silver from RioGrande, the leading supplier of jewelers. RioGrande has been in business since 1944 and stands behind the quality of their precious metals.  If I list an item as “sterling silver”, you can be confident in knowing that it is in fact .925 (92.5%) silver. This will also show in the price of my items. Sterling silver items will always be higher priced, because they are made from real sterling silver which costs more than other metals such as copper and nickel.

Do you make customs pieces?

Yes, I’d be happy to discuss your ideas with you. Contact me and we can discuss what you would like.

Will the appearance of the jewelry change over time (patina, oxidize, etc.)?

It depends on the type of metal used in your piece of jewelry. Most metals will change in some way with age and the amount of moisture they are exposed to. They can oxidize, darken, and patina in different ways. Some prefer the aging patina look while other people do not. If you do not prefer a patina, simply clean your jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth. Note: some metals can react with moisture and leave a green mark on your skin. The green mark will not hurt you, it’s simply oxidation from the moisture on your skin. If this happens, clean your skin with soap and water and clean the jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth.

How do I clean and polish my piece of jewelry?

I suggest using a quality jewelry polishing/cleaning cloth. You can find these clothes at most department stores. DO NOT use any type of abrasive or liquid cleaning products on your jewelry. If you have a question about cleaning your jewelry, please let me know.

How to I clean or removed the aging look of my copper jewelry?

Copper with naturally age, tarnish and patina over time. It can turn dark and sometimes green depending on what it is exposed to (oils, sweat, etc).

If you would like guidance on how to get the exact look that your jewelry had when you bought it, please contact me and I’ll be happy to give you instructions on what I did to the item when I made it.

How will the charge appear on my Paypal account and/or credit card statement?

The charge for your order will appear as “LIFT FAITH” or “LIFTING FAITH” on your Paypal account and/or credit card statement.

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